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UNIX Windows NT
  Mail Requirements: Click for Spec's Click for Spec's
POP3 Mail Boxes:  Yes Yes
E-mail Forwarding:  Yes Yes
E-mail Autoresponders:  Yes Yes


NO Yes

  CGI Requirements:

Pre-installed counter: 

Yes Yes
Form to E-mail script:  Yes Yes
Your own CGI-Local Directory:  Yes Yes
Perl, C:  Yes Yes
UNIX, SH, KSH, CSH, Python:  Yes NO
VB Script:  NO Yes
Java Script:  Yes Yes

  Database Requirements:

mSQL database support:  Yes NO
MySQL database support:  Yes NO
PHP/FI,, msqlJAva:  Yes NO
ODBC into Access or FoxPro:  NO Yes
MSSQL database access:  NO Yes

  E-Commerce Requirements:

SSL Secure Server:  Yes Yes
CyberCash, AST Bank, PaymentNet:  Yes Yes
Shopping Cart:  Yes Yes

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