About Gs Communications

    GS Communications was originally established 1982, as a communications company, designing and
    manufacturing high speed data communication interfaces.

    In 1987 GS Communications produced our first desktop computer system; the S8!

    In 1992
we combined our communications division with our systems design and manufacturing
    divisions to form
GS Communications USA, Inc, the present day company.

    Our corporate goal has always been to provide our customer with a long term value.

    We design our systems with technology that is compatible
with what is barely off the drawing
    board today, allowing our systems to be easily upgraded, while systems built by other
    manufacturers become obsolete.

    Our networking installations are the latest state of the art in networking and performance. 

    Our commitment to our goal is demonstrated by our excellent lifetime technical support that our
    customers have grown to know and expect...and rightfully so!!

    GS Communications owns and operates a World Class Website Hosting Company and
    a Website Development company in the New York.

    GS Communications:

         Working today's technology to service our customers' needs - now and into the future!

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