Frequently Asked Questions

    The following questions are the most asked of our technical support group and sales staff:

Upgrading My
All GS Communications computers are upgradeable but the cost of
upgrading an older system to present day performance may be excessive.
It may be less expensive to buy a new main system and use your monitor,
printer and keyboard.  To see just how upgradeable your system is, just
click on "Upgrades" and enter your GS model number.  We also run monthly specials on upgrade devices and add-on's click here to view our upgrade specials.

Faster Internet

Internet speed is a factor of:
1) How fast is your you internet provider service and the service speed you have purchased This can varry from DSL, Cable Fiber Optic providers.
2) , wired network adapter,or wirless and how fast is your internet provider, and how many other users are on the internet at the

same time. 

Earlier computers cannot run today's faster modems,

but most 486 and Pentium systems can run 56K modems

GS Communications now offer DSL High Speed Internet service nationwide and to check for availability and more information Please Click Here.

If DSL High Speed Internet service is not available at your location you could increase your on-line speed with a new faster modem and more ram memory. 

To check how upgradeable your GS Computer is click "Upgrades" or contact our technical support group for
further information on your GS Communications computer system.

Faster Network

Networking performance is a factor of:

  1)  How fast the backbone of your network.
  2)  How the network was configured.
  3)  How many local users are on the network.
  4)  How many remote user are on the network.
  5)  How fast are your network servers.
  6)  How routing is set for workgroups.
  7)  And more...

With GS Communications experience in networking your network performance is never a guessing game. From design through installation our networks continue to perform with no additional changes.  To increase the performance of your current network or to have a network designed for you business click here to Contact Us.

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